View Private TikTok Accounts

Everyone wants to be on TikTok! People of all ages are obsessed with sharing content on this app, and there are so many reasons why. However, some users prefer to stay private and decide to change the privacy of their accounts. If you’ve been wondering how to view private accounts on TikTok, you’ll find the answer in today’s blog. 

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What Are Private TikTok Accounts?

A TikTok private account is precisely what the name suggests, an account that prevents the appearance of content to people who aren’t following it. So, for example, the videos the profile posts are only visible to the current followers, together with comments, followers, following, etc. When you first download TikTok, according to default settings, your account is public, but you can easily change that if you follow these steps:

  1. Open your TikTok app.
  2. Tap on the Me icon with your profile picture in the bottom-right corner.
  3. Tap on the three-dot button in the top-right corner. 
  4. Choose Privacy & Safety.
  5. Turn on the Private Account button. 

Another great thing about this platform is that you can adjust the video view settings for each video. In other words, you can select which videos will be public and potential contenders to become popular content and which will stay private. 

Users between the ages of 13 and 16 have private accounts by default account settings. TikTok recently introduced extra layers of security for the youngest members by removing the direct messaging feature, no live streaming, no virtual gifts, no age-inappropriate videos, etc. In addition, the platform lets parents control their kids’ activity on the platform via the Family Pairing feature. 

Restricted modes are another way to prevent your kids from seeing more mature content and limiting their time online. Thanks to this mode, they’ll be exposed only to age-appropriate videos, without any possibility of violence, sexual content, etc. 

How to Know if a Private TikTok Account Is Private?

A private profile is very easy to recognize. If you adjusted your privacy settings and switched to a private user profile, then people who don’t follow you will see a message that clearly says your account is private when they visit. Additionally, right under that message, they’ll also see a sentence that says they have to send you a follower request if they want to see your profile content and likes. 

Another possible situation that people often confuse with private accounts is an account without content. If you see a No Content message, it means that these are public accounts; they simply haven’t posted anything.

Can You See Private TikTok Posts Without Following?

No, you can’t see their posts because they’re private videos. One of the many reasons people opt to use TikTok’s privacy features is that they prefer to only interact with people they know and don’t want everyone to see what they’re posting. Other potential reasons include staying away from creepy strangers or as a part of their TikTok growth strategy. 

Changing the privacy controls won’t prevent people from following you, and there are a few tricks you can try to see if they gain you more followers. For example, if you go from public to private, you should wait for your followers to send your content to their friends and family. When they hit the share icon, the chances are many of their followers won’t be following you, so they won’t be able to see the content. That’s when these people can decide to hit Follow and boost your numbers. Of course, that won’t always be the case, but it’s something you can try. 

You also can’t see the followers list of private TikTok profiles or a list of people that this account follows. Since you can’t see their videos, you also can’t see the post comments. 

Ways to View Private TikTok Accounts

How to view private TikTok accounts without following them? There are a few methods you can use to check on these accounts:

 1.Fake Account

Although creating fake accounts is against TikTok’s privacy policy, some people still do it. So when you don’t want to follow a profile but desperately want to see their posts, this is one of the potential solutions. 

2. Join a Fan Club

If you’re obsessed with celebrities whose TikTok profiles are private, you can start following their fan clubs, which usually post everything about these stars. In addition, most of these profiles are public, so you don’t have to follow them to see their content. 

3. Third-Party Websites

Third-party sites and apps that promise to unlock private profiles are scams. You should stay away from these websites because they can use your private information and rip you off.

4. Use a Friend’s Account

You can ask one of your friends if you can use their TikTok to follow someone. Most people will be OK with it, but make sure that you’re talking to a close friend who knows the reasons behind your actions. 

5. Follow Them

Sorry to say, but the easiest, straightforward way to see someone’s content is to start following them. No magic websites will work, and there are no hacks to get you into someone’s profile. Following other people can be good for your TikTok growth because they might decide to follow you back. 

6. Find Them on Other Platforms

If their TikTok is private, their Instagram, or Facebook might not be. The great thing is that many users post the same content on all social networks, so if you’re lucky, you’ll find their videos on other platforms. All you need to do is type their name or username and check their profiles. 


Ever since it appeared, TikTok has been one of the most popular social media platforms. If you don’t want to be in the spotlight and only want to share information with your close friends, then having a private profile is the way to go. In this case, people who don’t follow you won’t see your videos, contact list, people you’re following, etc. Kids are the ones that need the most protection. Thankfully, TikTok introduced strict security algorithms for children and features that help their parents monitor their time and the type of content they watch so that everyone is safe and secure when on the platform.

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