How to get more followers on TikTok

TikTok is one of the new social media platforms at your disposal. Currently, the app has over 800 million monthly active users. What does that mean to you as a marketing manager or brand ambassador? You have access to many people to help you develop brand awareness.

Like all other social media platforms, you need followers on TikTok to guarantee success. Despite being a new app, it has an exponential growth rate that is only expected to escalate in the coming years. This gives you a chance to attract many Tik Tok followers, but how do you do it?

To increase your TikTok followers, you need more than just creating an account. Those who have been using social media for content marketing for a while know that you need to be an active user to grow your online presence. You need proper marketing strategies to get more followers on TikTok. This app gives you the advantage of showing your video to people based on the content itself and not any other parameters.

In this post, we will present the best ways to realize TikTok growth organically. Gone are the days when people used bots and fake followers on social media. If you want to popularize your brand and get more sales, you need the actual people, and here are the secrets.

Create VideosSpecifically for the Target Audience

You do not want just any followers but those who are most likely to consider your brand relevant. We all know that followers do not equate to more sales. But it is possible to make it so by getting the right people as your TikTok followers.

You identify your audience by age, interest, education level, occupation, and many other parameters. If your brand is about fashion and design, your target audience should be youths. The TikTok video you share on the app should attract people in this age bracket.

In defining your target audience, you also need to define your competitors. The type of videos they are likely to post on their TikTok profile is of great interest. That helps you create unique TikTok videos that attract more followers and engagement. Remember, the TikTok algorithm is skewed towards more engaging content and is a plus for your marketing campaign.

Post your Videos During Peak Hours

After identifying your target audience, you will be better placed to know when most of them are active. Even if you do not have this information, posting your videos at the wrong time will result in fewer viewers. Do not do so during active hours of the day.

The general rule of thumb is to post your videos early in the morning, afternoon, and late evening. You target commuters who are active on the app when you post in the morning. There is a chance of reaching many people in the afternoon. Many people are most likely tired and are on their phones. The most appropriate time to share your content is in the evening. During this time, many people are off from work and spend their time on social media platforms. However, you should not post all your videos in the evening because of the stiff competition at this time.

Cross-Promote your Videos to Get More TikTok Followers

TikTok app is a new social media platform. Its users are most likely on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Before you worry yourself about how to get more followers on Tik Tok, think of the number of followers you have on other social media platforms. Do you think they can help you increase your TikTok followers?

The definite answer is a big YES. Ask your followers what type of content they would want you to share on the TikTok app. Take their honest opinion seriously because that is what resonates well with the product you are selling.

You can also post the video scripts to other social media platforms. Think of creating a Facebook post or a tweet that is about the video you shared on TikTok. At the end of the story, invite the viewers to watch the video on TikTok. This process will result in your TikTok growth. You will get many people to like, comment, and share the video, thereby improving content engagement. Some of them will develop an interest in becoming your Tik Tok followers even if you do not ask them to.

Harness the Power of Using Hashtags

The main idea behind sharing a video on Tik Tok is to make yourself discoverable and get more TikTok followers. How will your videos get to ForYou pages on the app?

Many internet marketing professionals have said that the most powerful tool for attracting leads is hashtags. Think of them as the keyword used by Google when ranking pages. To increase the chances of your website appearing on the first page of search engines, you need more relevant keywords.

TikTok uses hashtags to discover your video post and populate it on the ForYou page of relevant users. You can use general hashtags or brand-specific hashtags. To attract more relevant followers to increase sales, we advocate for using brand-specific hashtags. Remember that reaching a target audience is more likely to spur engagement than just getting any other viewer. Someone who identifies himself or herself with your brand will be inspired to like, share, or leave a comment on your video. And most of all, become a follower.

Trending hashtags are also recommended, but there is a lot of competition for them. Think of one million people using the same trending hashtag. What are the chances of your video appearing on the ForYou pages? Very slim! Consider using general hashtags, brand-specific hashtags, and trending hashtags all at once to get more Tik Tok followers.

Grow Tik Tok Followers by Collaborating with Content Creators and Influencers

Every social media platform has influencers. Who are they, and how can they help promote your brand? Influencers are people with millions of followers on social media platforms, including TikTok. Their profiles are very authoritative. You can use them to create your brand awareness and grow your online presence.

You can use them to reach your target audience quite easily. Your work is to get the right influencer and content creator to partner with, and the job is done. A sponsored content is likely to earn you more Tik Tok followers than any other type of content you will share on your TikTok account, but that comes at a price that you have to pay.

Create Original Content and Post Regularly

To get more Tik Tok followers, you need to be active on the platform. The more active you are, the more likely you will reach your target audience. The trick is to keep posting content on TikTok, but they have to be meaningful and relevant.

Copied content is not received well by the people, let alone the copyright issues. You need to come up with original content that wows people. In this area, your creativity is the limit you can reach.

The research has proved that original content that shows a high level of creativity and artistry is shared many more times than others. They are also likely to get more engagement. Do you still remember what we said about the TikTok algorithm and engaging content? The more engaging your post is, the more likely it will appear on the ForYou pages for active users.

Take Advantage of User-Generated Content (UGC)

You might not have time or funds to finance original content creation as frequently as possible, especially if you have a startup business. This is where UGC comes in to help you keep your TikTok account active and attract more people.

For active users, it is not rare to come across a video that you like and resonate well with your brand. You can reshare it by just downloading and uploading it again. Many people might think of this as infringing on the creator’s copyright, but TikTok knows how to take care of that. It is never your worry as both the TikTok logo and video creators handle are automatically appended to the video when downloading.

By reposting other content, you boost their morale for creating content and improve your chances of winning an ambassador for your brand. Content creators might volunteer to tag you in their posts, thereby increasing your presence and growing your followers.

Call-To-Action is not Just for Blog Posts

Many people just prefer watching your video and moving on without liking, leaving a comment, or sharing, let alone following you. You can have a great video, but without a call-to-action at the end of it, you might lose.

Including a CTA at the end of every video you post will increase your Tik Tok followers by a significant percentage. Do not just post video updates for the sake of it but have a target. If you are still wondering how to get more followers on Tik Tok, just use this simple method.

Create great content and add a CTA at the end. Do not let your catch off the hook when almost bagging it.

Comment and Like the Best TikTok Content

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, TikTok is built for engagement. It is almost the same as YouTube, where you can like, comment, download, and share videos. How do you do this to increase your TikTok followers?

Thousands of TikTok Content are themed around your industry. Look out for them and like and comment on those posts. Follow relevant TikTok profiles, including influencers. It is as simple as that. Engage with others if you expect them to do the same with you.

However, do not just comment on posts as if you are a bot. Your statements have to be creative and thought-provoking to make people get interested in checking out your TikTok account. They are likely to also engage with your posts and become your follower.

Create your Own Challenge and Invite People to Try it

We always say you should keep up with the trend, but you can take your campaign a step further. Come up with your own challenges that will attract as many of your target audience as possible. As they come to participate, a fraction of them will develop an interest in your brand and get noted for future challenges.

If you cannot start a challenge yourself, you can participate in the challenges created by your target audience. But always ensure to only participate in challenges that compliment your brand, or you will just be getting followers you cannot convert.

Spend a Little More for Faster Follower Generation

TikTok has an advertising program that ensures your video gets to the right people. The paid ads are the easiest way to earn more engagement and attract people to your account.

There are different plans for you to choose from when you are going to use this last option. If you are familiar with Facebook or YouTube ads, then you already know how it works. The aim is to get your content to as many target audiences as possible.


It does not matter whether you are new to TikTok or already have many TikTok followers. Your videos will still be viewed by millions of people, provided you follow this guideline on how to get more followers on Tik Tok.

Start by creating a compelling TikTok account. Enrich the profile, and then begin your journey of looking for more followers. As a summary of what we have discussed, do the following:

  • Identify your target audience
  • Post your videos at the right time
  • Use influencers to get more people to follow you
  • Promote your Tik Tok account across different social media platforms
  • Participate in challenges that compliment your brand or create your own
  • Use paid TikTok ads
  • Use user-generated content that resonates with your brand
  • Post original contents regularly
  • Add call-to-action to your videos
  • Use the right hashtags for your videos
  • Like and comment on other posts

Lastly, growing your TikTok followers is a process. Do not expect the results overnight. Your success depends on your determination and commitment to your goals and target.

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