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TikTok has now become the biggest social media platform today with 689 million monthly active users worldwide and has been downloaded over 1.2 billion times! If you are here to know more about how to get famous on TikTok, then you have come to the right place.

Things Worth Noting 

·         In both the App Store and Play Store, TikTok was the most downloaded phone app of 2020.

·         Keep in mind that the average age range of viewers on TikTok is between 9 to 29 years old, with over 47 percent of this being 9 to 20 years old. In other words, kids rule TikTok.  Keep this in mind and ask yourself if your content piques the interest of people in these age groups. What kids don’t find cool probably won’t fare well for your TikTok growth.

·         52 minutes – the average daily time spent by the average user on the platform.

Is it Easy to get TikTok Famous?

Well, yes, and no. There are easy steps and habits that you can follow to be famous, but there is just nothing sure in a world where you are at the mercy of the whim of an app that has a following of a billion people. TikTok has evolved to have a life of its own that if fame and the promise of fortune are what you are truly after, you should see all these from a more technical perspective to play the game outside the game. To know the meta, so to speak. And I am talking about TikTok’s algorithm. The fundamental function you have to understand to make TikTok work for you.

To amass the absurdly massive following that you so desire, you should know how TikTok works. The algorithm of TikTok is more influential yet simpler than any other piece of social media tech. This algorithm is ultimately responsible for much of the thoughts and beliefs of the general TikTok public. “How”, you will ask?

TikTok has only one outlet for content exposure for its users and that is the For You Page. Unlike other social media where you can search for things that interest you, like pages, and follow stuff for a more tailor-made home page that is more you and shaped by you, this For You Page function/algorithm can just simply force you to watch something. Think of it much like a worldwide TV station that only has one channel – the For You Page channel.

As you scroll down, TikTok decides for you what to watch next. This one-directional conveyor belt affects the TikTok public in such a way that every video you see is also what TikTok fundamentally puts in front of every other user. That means all TikTok users will have a shared experience of who the most famous is at any given time.

Now that you know that TikTok has a vast unfragmented control on the TikTok feed of 1 billion-plus people’s lives. Being TikTok famous does not seem so hard anymore. Just do what the famous ones do, and you’re on your way to fame yourself. Of course, other helpful content creation habits are also a big part of why you will become famous because high-quality content is where you will always have to start.

Top 3 Most Followed TikTok Content Creators, First Quarter of 2021

Charli D’Amelio

·         Followers: 113.9 million users

·         Likes: 9,200 million

·         Earnings: 4 million dollars from 2019 to 2020

·         Charli D’Amelio is an American dancer and social media celebrity who amassed her following on the video-sharing platform by posting videos of her dancing to popular music.  

Addison Rae

·         Followers: 79.9 million

·         Likes: 5,200 million

·         Earnings: 5 million dollars from 2019 to 2020

·         Addison Rae is an American dancer and social media celebrity and now enjoys a career outside TikTok as a singer. She debuted her single entitled “Obsessed” in March 2021.

Bella Poarch 

·         Followers: 63.8 million

·         Likes: 1,400 million

·         Bella Poarch is a Filipino-American social media personality who earned her following by posting cute lip-sync videos. She also served in the US Navy and is apparently has a golden voice. Efforts are underway for her music release.

 14 Simple Things that Mega-Viral TikTokers do Every day that You can Also Do!

1.   Upload, Upload, Upload!

Film everything. All the things that happen in your day-to-day life can potentially be uploaded as video content in your TikTok.  Film yourself just hanging out with friends, walking your dog, or just strolling around the mall. Record your random nothings and edit them in a way people will find interesting. Whatever it is you do every day, just film it. There would be nothing to upload if you don’t start filming.

2.   How Long Should My Videos Be?

Grab viewers’ attention in the first 3 seconds because if you don’t somebody else will. Videos longer than 60 seconds are generally skipped, so keep your videos in that golden zone of 20 to 40 seconds long.  

3.   Use Hashtags

There are a million hashtags that will boost your exposure. #FYP and #ForYouPage are two major hashtags that will work miracles for any content type you do. This is the major way we exploit the For You Page algorithm. Use these two and whatever other hashtags you think are related to your content to expose your posts to other like-minded TikTok user categories. People will more likely gravitate towards your videos because of those hashtags. #TrustMeThisWorks.

4.   Watch Out for Trends!

Trends are what’s happening! Trends are the bee’s knees! Everybody hops on the next trend bandwagon. Every day there’s a new song, a challenge, a dance everyone on TikTok is doing. If you see people doing it a lot, why not do it yourself!? You are bound to get views just by being trendy. These trend-hopping videos do really well because people will know what your videos are referencing. Take advantage of what viewers are familiar with.

5.   Just Duet!

This one is really simple and will sure to get your views. Duet-ing is much like mashing up a really famous video that has millions of views on TikTok with your reaction video. People are bound to get drawn to it because you are reacting to a video that went viral.

To prove that this works, try taking a Charli D’Amelio video and simply do a side-by-side reaction to it. Her more than 113 million followers will make sure that your TikTok video will get a considerable number of views because of this simple technique.

6.   Recycle

Use old videos on your phone and turn them into TikTok videos.  Your phone probably has a ton of videos and pictures in it anyway, so why don’t you make use of this vid and pic dump by running them through iMovie or any phone video editing app? This is like getting you free TikTok content that only takes a couple of minutes to do.

If you have videos on other social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, consider editing these videos to TikTok-sized, short-form video clips. Recycling your old content gets you through those days where you find it hard to upload fresh, exciting videos on TikTok.

7.   Collaborate with your Friends or Family

Putting in a friend or family member gives your video content an instant element of freshness that only they can do. Doing a collab with friends/family makes everyone have a good time and this will show in your TikTok video. Viewers love seeing people having a genuine good time and this will help a lot in building a more viral following. 

8.   Copy Other Cool, Popular Videos

Reenact cool, viral videos that you like on TikTok and make them your own. Recreate them and put your own spin on them. Much like the principle behind doing duets and following trends on TikTok, copying or recreating make your videos immediately relatable and people will know what you are referring to. Copying or reenacting viral videos will be fun and hilarious for you to do.

9.   Niche Works, Broad is Bad

Post enough high-quality content of the same interest and you are bound to attract like-minded TikTok users. People tend to easily relate to TikTokers they understand. And a big way to be understood is by specializing in one thing – like being the TikToker who dances to popular music, or being the one who does awesome card tricks, etc. It is really your choice at this point.  Pick something that you are passionate about and focus on that. This is also the closest way you can choose what you would want to be famous for.

10.  Make Original Content

Come up with unique, creative, original ideas, and have fun! Just be yourself and make things that you want to make! Your viewers will enjoy their exclusive access to your unique personality on your TikTok. Constantly put out more original than anything else and people are bound to like you for who you are.

11. Try Mixing the Pot

Sure, being trendy by riding the bandwagon, copying videos, and doing duets with famous users will definitely help your cause of growing your following. But at the same time, don’t just follow trends. Be the trend! This may be easier said than done, but if you actually pull this off, you will unlock the prime level of being a true TikTok celebrity. The user that everyone copies, the user that owns and drives the bandwagon, and the one every TikTok user will know by name.

Just try out stuff you thought of. In reality, you are at the mercy of things we will never get to know for certain, so what the heck! Just try anything! Have a semblance of a plan and just throw yourself out there! You’ll never know unless you try! Just remember to stay true to what makes you, you, and never stop. Come back and try again until it sticks.

12.  Get some Help!

There are several TikTok account growth services out there that can legally boost your TikTok following by the thousands every month by just signing up to their website. Just be sure to pick a service that won’t get you a TikTok ban with shady strategies they employ.

13.  Use Famous Music

Music is a huge part of TikTok! Put some music in your TikTok by using songs that you like or songs that are trending. There’s even a leaderboard on TikTok that you can look at that tells you which songs are really popular. Put them into your videos if you think they make sense. The average number of likes on a TikTok video with famous sound is around 237,000 likes, while a TikTok video posted without a famous sound only gets 15,000 likes.

On the other hand, if your thing is original music, TikTok analytics proves that original sound does not do so badly on the platform. The average likes on videos without a famous sound reach a respectable 15,840 likes. That is still quite a lot of likes and views if you just really want to get your music out there. 

14.  Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

Since your goal is to be famous on TikTok, then you should treat this as a serious career! Do all these steps every day and watch yourself get better. As you get better, watch your following grow. One or a few of your videos will eventually just pop off and go big and will get you your wanted thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of views! Remember to keep at it, repeat being trendy, using hashtags, and occasionally try to be the trend and not just jump on the bandwagon. No matter what you do, just upload content all the time, every day, and enjoy being TikTok famous.

Be the Next Big Thing

You’ve got the guts, and now the needed skills, tips, and proper tricks! Go out there and be the next big thing TikTok has ever seen!

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