TikTok Monetization

If you’re obsessed with TikTok, you’re not the only one. This platform has grown immensely in a very short time. It’s actually the fastest-growing platform of all times, and it’s not only meant for teenagers who love to lip-sync.

TikTok offers fantastic earning opportunities, and it’s a fresh spot for you to promote your business. Is there actually a way to earn through this platform? Yes, there are many ways to make money from it, reach broad audiences, make things go viral very fast, and show your creativity. 

This platform is a particularly good spot for business promotion because it’s still a fresh trend, and not everyone has dipped their toes. If you want to learn how to monetize TikTok, know the pros, cons of TikTok advertising, and grow your follower count, all you need to do is to go over this article.

What Are the Pros and Cons of TikTok Advertising

Is it smart to advertise on TikTok? This usually isn’t the first app people go to when they want to promote their content. But, just like Facebook and Instagram, TikTok is an excellent marketing spot. The only difference is the type of content. Although this platform has cons, the benefits are much more prominent and outweigh the drawbacks.


  • Tiktok can boost your exposure and help you get to millions of other users. The fact that you’re reaching so many people means that you can advertise your products in entirely new markets. It has over 689 global active users, and the app is available in 155 countries.
  • It’s one of the most creative apps. TikTok videos are so fun to watch, and people get easily hooked on spending hours on this platform. You can show off your creativity and help your brand succeed because not many businesses advertise on TikTok.
  • It’s very popular. The TikTok app has been downloaded more than two billion times. As you can see, the platform is as popular as Instagram and YouTube, so why not use the chance to grow your TikTok account.
  • You can use ads. TikTok ads run automatically, and users will see them when they open the app. It’s an effortless way to get noticed, and other users will know that they’re actually seeing a paid advertisement. This is a transparent platform that shares when content is sponsored.


  • The majority of TikTok users belong to age groups below 35 years. That doesn’t mean that people older than 35 don’t use the app; it’s just that this social media platform is more focused on a younger audience.
  • TikTok ads are pricier than Facebook or Instagram. The price difference is not big, but if you have a limited budget you need to know this. Thankfully, as you grow your follower count, your earnings will be higher, and you’ll be able to afford more sponsored posts.

6 Tips on How to Monetize TikTok Content

1. Become A TikTok Influencer

TikTok influencers earn money by promoting products. The term influencer is almost always taken lightly, but you need real skills to actually engage with your audience, attract new followers, create content, stay relevant, and promote things the right way without being pushy or fake. These products or services that you talk about should be ones that you enjoy using. Your followers should consider you credible and trustworthy.

Unfortunately, many people decide to buy followers and expect to become influencers without any effort. This isn’t a smart idea. If you ever need help, you should get in touch with a professional growth service that will grow your numbers organically.

2. Start Live Streaming

One way to earn money on this platform is to host live streams. When TikTok creators do live streams, they can receive coins. These are coins that TikTok profiles can purchase as long as the account owner is older than 18. When you get this virtual currency, you can transform it into diamonds and convert them into money.

Live streaming is a great promotional alternative for people with musical skills. The amount you’ll earn also depends on the length of your live stream. And remember, you have to be 18 years or older to withdraw your earnings. TikTok will send the money to your PayPal account.

3. Amazon Referral Links

Just like most other platforms, TikTok allows Amazon referral links. If there’s an Amazon product you love, you can add it as a link in your Bio. The more you get people intrigued and interested in the product, the more sales you’ll make. You earn a portion from these sales, so make sure you do an excellent job in promoting the product.

Unfortunately, this platform doesn’t allow you to do swipe-up links or to add links to the video description. That’s why you can get creative and add the URL to your Bio section. It only takes a few minutes, and you can earn some extra income with this tip.

4. Earn From TikTok

Did you know that you can get money straight from TikTok through their creators’ fund? Influencing and referral links are great, but getting paid from the platform is another addition you can use. The TikTok creator fund supports users that create engaging videos and awards them with money. The fund was $200 million when the program launched, but the platform hopes it will reach $1 billion by 2023.

You don’t have to be one of the top TikTok creators to earn money through this incentive. The platform says that all accounts with over 10,000 followers and over 10,000 views can become a part of this program. There is no need to apply; TikTok sends invites to users that fit their criteria.  

5. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are an excellent way to get extra income. Many creators do sponsorships, and as your follower count grows, so will the amount that you earn. The average amount you can make per view on TikTok for sponsored content is between $0.01 and $0.02.

To get sponsored, you should get in touch with brands that you like, and you might end up getting amazing partnerships that will boost your exposure even more. You should be proactive and talk to companies that are on-brand with your account. Don’t partner with any brand just to get a sponsorship.

6. Promote Your Brand and Sell Merch

As we mentioned before, this platform is a great spot to promote your business. Instagram and Facebook are already overly saturated with companies who advertise themselves, but TikTok is still new territory for businesses. You can also create merchandise for your brand, even as an influencer. Use your logo and place it on products.

Helpful Tips to Grow Your TikTok Followers

It’s more than clear that you need to grow your followers if you want to make money on TikTok. Creating unique and engaging content is a must, but what else should you do to increase your numbers? We wanted to mention a few easy tips that will help you get more followers. 


Don’t forget to cross-promote on all your social media platforms. The second you create your TikTok account, you should link it with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms that you use. You’ll be surprised to hear how many people will discover your TikTok from your Instagram.

Post Consistently and Focus on Quality

Although it can be hard to do both, you should really focus on creating high-quality, on-brand content. You should also set up a posting schedule based on the analytics you get from this media platform. Posting once every few weeks won’t get you new followers.

Use TikTok Growth Services

TikTok growth services are an efficient way to grow your follower count and boost your views. If you decide to team up with us, you can get 5000 TikTok followers each month. Our team will grow your numbers organically, and will only get in touch with people who genuinely love your content. We promise rapid growth, 24/7 customer support, and the chance to earn a decent amount from this platform after just a few months.

Use Popular Songs

TikTok is all about creating short videos with catchy songs that stay stuck in your head all day long. That’s why you should use popular songs that are already trending. If you have great content, you can start participating in famous TikTok challenges and be discovered by many other users.


If you want to make money on TikTok, you’ve come to the right place. We want to help you understand how you can monetize your account and how you can grow your follower count. The more people follow you, the more you can earn and the more popular you’ll be.

One of the most common ways that people make money on this platform is by becoming influencers. This isn’t an easy task and requires a long time to build a faithful audience. Thankfully, platforms such as TikTok are giving more exposure to small influencers.

You can also try to host live streams. This is the perfect tip for musically talented people. If you love finding and using Amazon products, you can add referral links to your TikTok and earn through that. Other ways to monetize TikTok include doing sponsored posts, earning from the Tiktok fund, and promoting your brand.

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