The Top 10 Most Popular TikTok Hashtags in 2023

If you want your brand to stand out on TikTok, you should know what hashtags get the most views on TikTok. We’ll explain the importance of hashtags and why you should start using them. Now, let’s get started.

Substantial Importance of TikTok Hashtags

Substantial Importance of TikTok Hashtags

Hashtags play a special role in the world of social media. These are the reasons why they are important, especially for brands building a name online.

Categorize content on TikTok

Since TikTok is filled with user-generated content, it is through the hashtags used on each video that the algorithm can segregate and group them. This then enables users to browse videos on the site based on topic or niche.

Help users find brand content

Brands create unique hashtags to make it easier for their fans to find their content on the platform. This ensures that their videos are not lost among the millions of search results for other popular hashtags.

Make brands relevant

By participating in trending topics and popular trends, brands can boost their visibility on the platform. They can simply tag their content with the currently popular hashtags, and their video will be shown to a lot of users on the site.

Make monitoring competition easy

By following the relevant hashtags to your brand’s niche, you can easily look at your competitors’ videos. Check out what type of content their viewers love, and you can base your next marketing strategy on these findings.

How Do Popular Hashtags Impact TikTok Users?

Hashtags are more than just keywords for categorization. They also serve other purposes and directly affect TikTok users.

  • Viral videos with popular hashtags help retain user attention

Active users on the TikTok platform are shown a ‘For You’ page, which is highly influenced by hashtags. The site’s algorithm automatically curates videos on this landing page. It shows user videos with hashtags similar to their previously liked content and also videos with popular hashtags which the person might like. Pushing this type of content on the ‘For You’ page is done by the platform to keep users interested and continue browsing the site.

  • Users like to use trending hashtags

People search for approval in almost everything they do. This is why receiving likes and encouraging comments is what they crave on social media. Using trending hashtags, such as the hashtag challenge, for their videos promises that they get more exposure and chances of receiving praise for what they do. Popular hashtags motivate users to upload content on the social network.

  • It defines communities for users

Simply clicking on a hashtag generates a multitude of results of videos tagged with that keyword. This ease of searching for a subject enables fans of certain niche topics to find their interest and interact with other enthusiasts. Popular hashtags, therefore, are identity-inspiring for like-minded people, and they serve to strengthen the bonds of these online communities.

10 Most Popular TikTok Hashtags

We have curated the most popular hashtag trends on the platform. Feel free to use any of these keywords to boost your post’s visibility and engagement.

Note: The hashtags on this list are not necessarily the most viewed, but those that are relevant in various fields of a topic.

1. #funny – 3,526.6 billion views

Humans love to laugh, which makes “funny” one of the top hashtags used on the site. The videos range from pranks to jokes and hilarious events caught on camera. If you want to garner attention, creating funny content is the way to please many TikTok viewers.

2. #duet – 3,281.9 billion views

A duet is a trend on TikTok that lets people record their own video side by side with another creator’s video. It’s a cool way to interact and collaborate with other users and also produce fun content, which is why the hashtag has been used and viewed billions of times.

3. #food – 598.1 billion views

People are obsessed with food and it shows by the ‘food’ hashtag having billions of views on TikTok. Whether it’s recipes, trying out resto food, or just people enjoying eating, the videos with the food hashtag are always sought after.

4. #love – 1,356.5 billion views

No one can deny that one of the fundamental nature of humans is to love. We love to love anything. As long as something brings us pleasure, we can use the hashtag love. 

5. #anime – 1,384.6 billion views

People around the world can totally appreciate the wonderful anime that Japan has been producing for decades. Anything related to ‘anime’ is tagged, such as show snippets, merchandise, tattoos, and fan art.

6. #LearnOnTikTok – 670.3 billion views

There is a more educational side to TikTok, as well. You can find this by searching the hashtag ‘LearnOnTikTok.’ There you’ll see tons of informative and instructional videos that can improve your life.

7. #football – 999.7 billion views

The world certainly loves football, and it is evident with the almost trillion views it gets on TikTok. If your brand has themes related to football, you will definitely benefit from the high visibility this hashtag affords.

8. #pov – 908.1 billion views

POV, short for Point of View, is a popular trend on TikTok. This type of content gives viewers the experience of being in someone or something’s shoes. It’s a refreshing and often funny way of viewing the world, making it extremely interesting for audiences.

9. #dance – 651.5 billion views

Dance videos are among the popular types of content on the platform. It is no wonder that this hashtag also reigns supreme. If your brand likes to have fun, then come join the trend with this tag.

10. #asmr – 823.6 billion views

ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, is a category of content that focuses on stimulating the viewers. These videos are often satisfying to watch and listen to, bringing immense pleasure to audiences. It’s a good idea to associate your brand with pleasurable experiences. So, it’s a great idea to give ASMR a try.

Other Trending Hashtags You Should Pay Attention To

Here are other competitive hashtags you should follow and consider using as well. And since digital trends shift so swiftly, it also pays to regularly check the current trending hashtags to stay updated.














Why Create Your Own Hashtag?

Stand out

If you simply use the popular hashtags on TikTok, your content might get lost amidst the millions of other videos with the same tag. You need to make sure your brand will stand out by using niche hashtags and creating your own unique hashtag.

Establish brand identity

Having a branded hashtag will let people know your brand and not confuse your content with other competitor brands. Create a hashtag that includes your brand name and is simple and easy to remember. You can also make a hashtag for your current slogan, which will imprint it on people’s minds.

Promote your brand and marketing campaigns

Creating a hashtag unique to your brand will make it easier for your target audience to find your content on TikTok. They can simply search your hashtag, and all your videos and user-generated content from fans using your hashtag will show up in the results.

In Summary

Hashtags play a major role in the world of TikTok. By simply creating custom hashtags and pairing them with already popular hashtags, you can instantly get more views and engagement on your content. It is certainly undeniable that a solid hashtag strategy will grow your brand on TikTok.Need fresh ideas for videos? Get content ideas and more in the other articles on Growtok’s site. Then get a boost in TikTok followers with Growtok’s organic service.

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