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One of the most challenging parts of social media marketing is coming up with relevant and interesting ideas for social media content.  Whether you’re creating TikTok videos, a blog post, or memorable photos for Instagram Stories, you need fresh and unique content ideas. Unfortunately, social media content fatigue is a real problem even for the most vibrant and creative brands.

The good news is that we are here to help. If you have been struggling with writer’s block for your social media posts, here are six content ideas strategies that can make all the difference in your social media strategy proposal.

Define Your Audience

The first strategy that can help you come up with ideas for social media that will wow your followers is to ensure you know your audience well. Defining your audience helps you deliver content that is relevant and useful to them. Without a clear definition of your audience, you will only be guessing what content your audience wants.

To define your audience, start by creating marketing or buyer personas. A buyer persona is a well-researched fictional representation of your target audience or customer. You have to think about these model buyers as if they were real people. This means painting a vivid picture of who they are, what they do, their goals, motivations, and pain points.

Some of the details you’ll include in your buyer personas include:

  • Name
  • Demographic details
  • Occupation
  • Pain points
  • Buying patterns
  • Goals and challenges
  • Values and fears.

Coming up with buyer personas helps you craft content that is specifically targeted to your target customers. Having your buyer personas in mind also helps keep the direction and voice of your social media content ideas consistent.

ideas for social media content

Use AI Tools to Generate Fresh Ideas

Although AI content idea generation tools can’t replace your creativity, you might want to use an AI content generator to give you content ideas when you’re facing writer’s block.

So, what is an AI content generator? Simply, this is a tool that gives you computer-generated content that you can personalize for your audience’s needs. For instance, if you’re using an AI keyword tool, you’ll need to type your keyword or phrase into the search bar of the tool, and it will create articles related to your keyword based on the content it can find online. Other ways that an AI content generator can help during content creation include title suggestions, topic research help, automatic formatting, image finder, word count suggestion, keyword suggestion, and plagiarism checker.

Notably, an AI content generator doesn’t do all the work for you.  You’ll still need to give the tool some descriptions, and in some cases, you may need to write the content yourself. Some of the benefits of using an AI content generator to get ideas for social media campaigns include:

  • Faster content creation
  • Access to more relevant content
  • Access to search engine-optimized content
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Less human errors

Ask More Questions

Listening to your audience and interacting with them is one of the most effective ways of generating content ideas. To get to know what is important for your audience or what they are thinking, ask them questions. Conduct customer interviews, create polls, post fill-in-the-blank questions, or ask multiple-choice questions. For instance, let’s say you’re running a fitness brand, you can ask your Instagram followers what workouts help them keep fit. You can then use the information you get to craft a helpful post on one of the mentioned workouts

Additionally, questions get your customers talking and give them a chance to share their ideas. Asking questions is also one of the social media giveaway ideas that work. For instance, you can ask your audience for an opinion on your product or feedback on a new product or idea. Asking questions is also a great way to boost engagement. Don’t forget to also answer questions asked by your audience. Read customers’ comments, feedback, or reviews left by your customers and reply to them.

Analyze Your Competitors

When you’re unsure of what to post for your target audience, check your competitors’ content. What topics are they focusing on? Which ones have the most engagement? What questions are their customers asking that are related to their content ideas?

Checking out your competitors’ blog posts or social media posts can give you valuable content ideas. Be sure not to plagiarize the competitor’s content but come up with posts that are based on the analyzed topics. You can even try to make the content better than the competitor.

ideas for social media campaigns

Use Your Audience’s Searches

What are your social media followers searching for online? Which brands are they interacting with? Using your audience searches can be extremely beneficial during your content idea brainstorming process. You can also use Google search to check for social media content ideas that are related to your audience searches. For instance, type a keyword in the search bar, and next look at the People Also Ask section. Also, check the Related Searches at the bottom of the Google search page.

Another great option is to use a keyword research tool that can help you find questions that people are searching for. General forums such as Quora are also great places to get topics inspirations. On Quora, simply type the name of your industry, and you’ll get questions that readers interested in your industry are asking. Following conversations on industry-specific forums is another way of knowing the valuable content your audience is searching for.

Incorporate Things That Inspire You

When in doubt, share something that inspires you. It could be:

  • A few inspirational quotes
  • An article you read online
  • A community event you were part of
  • Motivational quotes
  • A milestone worth celebrating
  • Your success story.

Another great idea is to talk about a mistake you made and the lesson learned. The good thing about talking about a personal mistake is that your audience will most likely relate to the experience.

You can also highlight a customer’s story or share user-generated content. Make sure to tag the person so that they can get notified that you’re featuring them or their content. Another great suggestion is to give a shout-out to a local business that inspires you. You can also show some support by sharing one of their posts. This will not only boost your engagement, but it will also increase your follower count.


Hopefully, now you have the right inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. Whether it’s using AI content generation tools, defining your audience, analyzing your competition, posting stuff that inspires you, or simply asking your audience questions, figure out the option that works for you, go on, and craft that piece of content that will wow your audience.

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