TikTok iPhone Photo Editing Hack

Since early 2021, a certain TikTok photo editing hack has been making its viral rounds in the TikTok side of the social media stratosphere. Viral videos of this photo editing hack have transcended TikTok and is truly a gem of a technique as it makes you or your subject look fresh and sun-kissed on any picture you apply this hack to.

TikTok users have been sharing and applying this photo editing hack to enhance their photos spectacularly. This photo editing hack’s draw is it converts any ordinary photo of yourself into pictures that you can be truly proud of.

Words may not do justice to this hack, so may we recommend that it is best appreciated through knowing what it is and knowing how to do this supposed hack. Let us dive into the meat of the matter and learn how you too can use this hack and edit your pictures to be the best ones you have ever posted on social media.

What Is the TikTok Photo Editing Hack?

First off, the TikTok photo editing hack is something anyone can do. As long as you are an iPhone user, this photo editing hack is yours to utilize to the fullest. This is all you will need as this hack is not a third-party photo editor software, filter, or app but just several steps that already exist on TikTok and iPhone.

In short, this photo edit hack is just a simple technique of tweaking your photo’s settings on your iPhone. This “hack” yields amazing results every time, and executing it is the simplest thing ever!

How to Do TikTok’s Viral Photo Editing Hack

The following is a comprehensive guide on how to do TikTok’s Photo Editing hack. We will discuss everything you will need and the steps to take to have photos that are just as good as any golden hour-like photos of the most popular TikTok influencers out there.

Steps in doing TikTok’s viral photo editing hack in a nutshell:

1.  Choose a photo from your photo library app on your iPhone.

2.  Follow the settings exactly to the tee. Your photo will not look like a masterpiece as you tweak these settings one after the other, but be patient and be rewarded with the best results in the end.


  • Set Exposure to 100 first*
  • Set Brilliance to 100 first*
  • Set Highlights to -35
  • Set Shadows to -28
  • Set Contrast to -30
  • Set Brightness to -15
  • Set Black Point to 10
  • Set Saturation to 10
  • Set Vibrance to 8
  • Set Warmth to 10
  • Set Tint to 39
  • Set Sharpness to 14
  • Set Vignette to 23

* Now that you have set these tweaks to the settings, head on back to the left-most settings and:

  • Set Exposure to 0
  • Set Brilliance to 0

These last 2 settings are not essential to do but only by skipping Exposure and Brilliance settings first will you achieve the total desired effect of the TikTok viral photo editing hack for a mind-blowing video for you to share on your TikTok.

4.  Save your changes.

If satisfied with the results, tap on the Done button in the top right corner of your screen. If you want to tweak the photo with other settings, tap Revert in the bottom right corner of the screen to revert to the original photo settings.

Tips and Tricks that Go Well with TikTok’s Viral Photo Editing Hack

1.  Decorate your edited photo – This optional trick gives you additional creative options with your TikTok photo. Adding embellishments like borders, emojis, text – when done right will add to your edited photo’s exquisiteness.

2.  Make a photo hack of your own – Starting with the TikTok photo hack settings as your take-off point, and you can tweak the settings to discover other aesthetically pleasing photo settings. Tweak to your heart’s content until you discover what is right for you. You might just start the newest TikTok photo trend.

3.  Do the TikTok viral photo hack on Android, too – iPhone and Android’s photo settings are different, so if you want to do the same photo edit hack on Android, download the Adobe Lightroom or Visco app to achieve the same effects.

Mix and Match, Twiddle and Tweak

This viral TikTok photo trend is just one photo setting that blew up in popularity. Other settings are different but will be equally as beautiful. It is up to you to experiment with your photo settings and to maybe learn some principles about photos to discover the next viral TikTok photo trend yourself.

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