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Do you ever wonder how people get to have millions of followers on social media, and what they do right to reach those staggering levels of fame? TikTok is the world’s fastest-growing social media platform, mainly because it’s different from what people are used to. Its users show their creativity through short, engaging videos and do their best to create trending topics. So are you ready to find out who has the most followers on TikTok? Below, we share the top ten list with valuable tips on how to grow your audience.

Top 10 Most Followed People On TikTok

Have you ever thought about who has the most followers on TikTok and what they do to earn millions of followers? Of course, this platform is famous for innovative video content that creators use to engage their viewers. But, not everyone can trap the audience’s attention quite as these 10 TikTok stars can.

1. Charli D’Amelio

The ultimate TikTok star Charli D’Amelio has over 120 million followers! This gorgeous lady is only 17 but is definitely one of the best creators in the business. Her specialty is dance videos, considering that she’s been a competitive dancer for many years now. For Charli, it all started back in 2019, but she took over the first spot according to follower count in March 2020 and hasn’t given it up since.

2. Khabane Lame

Khaby Lame’s TikTok fame came overnight. Born in Senegal and based in Italy, Khabane is a comedian with some of the best skits on the platform. Lame started posting in 2020 when the Coronavirus pandemic hit, and his specialty is short, funny videos about people who love to complicate things. What’s even crazier, before Covid, Khaby was a factory worker. In March 2020, he lost his job and dedicated most of his time to creating engaging content on this media platform.

3. Addison Rae

Addison is another young star who noted a meteoric rise in only a few months. Today, she is the highest-earning TikToker globally, a movie star, singer, and founder of a makeup line. This multi-tasker is taking over the world with the speed of sound, and she’s not about to stop. Rae is another competitive dancer, famous on the platform for her short, snappy videos and flawless dancing moves. Addison’s debut music video for her single Obsessed performed great with the audience, so you can expect to see more music from the young star soon.

4. Bella Poarch

Bella is a stunning Filipino 24-year-old based in America. Poarch posted her first TikTok video in April 2020, and since then, she’s become a part of the top ten most followed list. This gorgeous gamer, singer, and dancer is the owner of the most-liked video on this platform. Just recently, Poarch released her first music single and is now breaking records left and right.

5. Will Smith

Do we even have to introduce Will Smith? The legendary actor is the only celebrity on this list; however, his content is so on point that he deserves every single follower he has. Smith doesn’t have to focus on specific types of videos because everything he posts, the audience loves. From everyday life moments, family-related, pranks, comedy, to duets, he can do it all!

6. Zach King

Zach King has been on social platforms for a while now. The king of magic started his story on Vine and is now a huge TikTok sensation. Zach’s magic tricks are mind-blowing and a breath of fresh air among the typical content most users post.

7. Dixie D’Amelio

Charli’s sister Dixie is among the top ten most followed TikTokers in the world. Aside from her spectacular dancing abilities, Dixie is well-known in the TikTok community for being a great singer. The star released multiple singles, works with various world-renowned brands, and has a talent contract with one of the best global agencies.

8. Spencer Polanco Knight

Spencer Polanco Knight or better known as Spencer X, is a beat-boxer with over 54 million followers. Before being mega-popular, Knight toured with other musicians and bands, promoting his original sounds. Today, he’s worth millions of dollars and has collaborated with major stars like Alicia Keys, Marshmello, etc.

9. Loren Gray

Did you know that Loren Gray was the most followed TikToker before Charli took over the throne? The stunning blonde is not just a girl who posts videos daily, but she’s also a successful businesswoman, singer, and ambassador for numerous major brands.

10. Michael Le

Michael Le’s prank videos are the best thing on TikTok. If you’re into lip-syncing, comedy, dance, pranks, this is the account to follow. Le has over 50 million followers, most of which are obsessed with his dancing skills and the daily updates he shares.

Useful Tips on How to Get Followers on TikTok

Almost everyone is obsessed with TikTok! Whether you enjoy following fashion influencers, singers, actors, dancers, this platform is where you’ll find them. Unlike Facebook and Instagram that primarily focus on photos and long videos, TikTok is all about innovative short clips that are so attention-grabbing that you’ll spend hours staring at your screen. Here are some useful tips to help you become popular on TikTok and grow your follower count:

Know Your Target Audience

Finding your audience and niche are the first two things you have to do if you want to grow on TikTok. It’s more than clear that not everyone will love what you post, so focus on following your content performance and go over your analytics. The numbers will help you craft the right marketing strategy, and one of the first things to keep in mind is offering your content to the right audience. That’s why you should be familiar with the age groups, genders, locations, and other features that will help you determine your target.

TikTok Growth Service

Why do you need an excellent growth service when so many strategies promise to boost your numbers and bring you more TikTok followers? Professional service does the job that you might not be able to do. They will bring you real followers by contacting actual people who are very likely to be interested in your content and interact with it.

Be very careful when choosing a service because many will promise you thousands of followers in a single day but will only deliver fake followers. Our team uses proprietary AI technology to identify the best audience; then, and find users proven to love the type of content you post. Finally, we get in touch with each one, ensuring that they know about your TikTok, and many of them become faithful followers.

Be the First to Follow Trends

TikTok trends are an excellent way for you to make it on a popular page and reach a wider audience. The most important thing is to be among the first users to jump on trends because once it gets too commercial, your content will get lost among the millions of other videos. This doesn’t mean that you should become a part of every trending hashtag. Instead, focus on creating unique content, and if you get a great idea of how to re-work a trend, go ahead and do it!

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are another tip many TikTokers forget about! If you want your content to be seen, then start adding relevant hashtags to your titles. If you do, your videos will become a part of collections, so each time a user scrolls through a collection, they might stumble upon your content and decide to follow you.

Post at the Right Time & Post Consistently

We’re sorry to disappoint you, but there isn’t a secret strategy that will take you to stardom. This tip might be too basic for some, but it can significantly boost your numbers. First, explore when is the best time to post. Start by looking into user behavior, how followers react when you post during certain times, and compare the results. Next, try posting at all times to learn about follower activity, when your followers are most present on this platform, and see when is the best time to share your content.

Next, be consistent with your posting schedule. No one likes a user who posts only once or twice a month. Therefore, if you don’t share your content daily or at least a few times a week, your followers can become bored and might want to unfollow you. Also, being present on the platform opens your doors to a broader audience, new followers, and views.


So, who has the most followers on TikTok? Currently, Charli D’Amelio is the most followed user on this platform. Followed by Khabane Lame, Addison Rae, Bella Poarch, all these young stars have so much to offer and have turned TikTok into a very lucrative business.

If you have many ideas on your mind, and you’re ready to turn them into videos, what should you do to succeed? Of course, excellent content is a must, but there are a few other tips to help you gain followers. The first step is to identify your target audience. Next, work with a professional TikTok growth service, and jump on trends. Finally, remember to post consistently, at the right time, and use popular hashtags.

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