TikTok has an abundance of funny videos, and it’s the perfect app to have some laughs and procrastinate. But, with so many viral videos and billions of active users, it’s also a good place to promote your business and ideas.

This is why we are going to dive into all kinds of videos today and see what is the current trend and why. This list can be an amazing inspiration to create your own funny videos and even get more TikTok followers.

So, without further ado let’s see what is the best content mix on TikTok.

The Best and Funny TikTok Memes to Make Your Day

There are many ways to become popular on TikTok, all you have to do is make original and creative content, and you will find your way to the audience’s hearts. But in case you need additional inspiration and great ideas, you can join in one of the memes and trends mentioned below.

Here are the top 10 popular videos and hashtags:


Cat and dog videos never get old, and animals are very popular on TikTok. So, if you would love to be entertained, make sure to check the PetDressUp hashtag. This will open up the funny and carefree side of TikTok where pets are dressed up for your amusement. 

On the other hand, this can be a perfect excuse to use your family pet to get more views and have some fun doing it. 

Gummy Bear Adele

The iconic Adele song “Someone Like You” has become so much more than an opportunity for great lip-syncing videos. Once the lonesome gummy bear sang the song to the crowd, all the content creators made sure to follow the trend with different objects. 

This shows us the funny and creative side of dark humor on TikTok, and that every piece of content has an audience when there are millions of users.

“Put a finger down”

This is one of the most popular trends on the TikTok app, where content creators use different ways to introduce themselves to their audience. The game is much like the original “Never have I ever” and it is an interesting way, to be honest with your viewers. 

This is the thing about TikTok, sometimes the bizarre trends get the most views, and you can easily make this video and grow your TikTok account.

“I’m Already Tracer”

If you are a fan of the video game Overwatch, you are familiar with these types of videos. Users are lip-syncing to “No Mercy” by The Living Tombstone and making viral videos referring to their characters in games.

This goes to show that TikTok is a place for every niche and entertaining content. 

Taylor Swift song interpretations

Dance videos have been popular on TikTok since day one. 

This app was more about singing and dancing in the beginning but even today this meme and trend are still going strong. Different popular songs are used, but Taylor Swift is definitely the number one choice for many content creators.

It’s often the song that couples choose for cringy love videos, but also many comedians that try to spin the whole love story in a satirical way.

Trendy grandparents

TikTok might be a social media app for the younger generations, but this doesn’t mean that there are no creative videos from older people. The trend with hip and trendy grandparents, where old couples do viral dances or performances, is very popular.

If you have older generations in your home, make sure to create a dance trend or some funny conversation that will lure in more followers.


Costume play or cosplay for short is an ongoing trend and meme on many social medial platforms, but extremely popular content on TikTok. This is a place where anyone can show their talent and passion for anime, manga, and different cosplay characters.

Keep in mind that some experienced content creators make it look like an easy task when in reality cosplay can be quite time-consuming.


Videos on TikTok are quite short, and you don’t have time to be a comedian if you don’t make a good plan. This is why prank wars are such a cool way of planning and entertaining your audience while getting back at your best friends and spouses. 

If you need some laughs and a way to pass your time, make sure to check out the hashtag.


Duets and stitches are one of the most popular ways to create a video on TikTok and interact with other content creators. The term “duets” is so wide that people now use it not just for viral dance challenges, but as first reaction videos and comments.

It’s a silly way to make a video using another account and creator as your starting point and inspiration. Some content creators base their whole TikTok careers on this trend, and they are getting millions of followers in return.


Another popular trend that has seen a meteoric rise is the “Hurt My Feelings” trend, where content creators share a tough time that made them stronger. This is a popular way of making videos and talking about your venerability in front of millions.

TikTok as a community is quite accepting and will welcome almost all content creators with open arms. This is one of the reasons why the app is so popular and why so many new social media influencers found a place on the platform. 

Final Thoughts

Funny TikTok videos are a great way to entertain and engage your audience and get more followers. With so many popular dance trends, and a variety of hashtags, it can be easy to find inspiration and make an original video.

A platform with billions of active users is an amazing place to push your content and interestingly promote your business. Now that you know the most popular trends and memes, you are one step closer to being TikTok famous.

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