OPP Mean on TikTok?

With the rise of social media platforms such as TikTok, staying current on the latest trends and acronyms can be difficult. One American slang that has been popping up more often is “OPP.” If you’re wondering what this stands for, you’re in luck. This article explains OPPS meaning in social media and how it’s used. So if you want to stay ahead of the curve and get up-to-speed on the latest TikTok terminology, this article is for you!

Meaning of “OPP” on TikTok

The power of language lies in its ability to evolve and transform over time, often taking on new meanings and implications. One such example is the recent usage of “OPP” on TikTok, a term that has gained widespread notoriety for its catchy sound and playful connotations. But what does OPP mean on TikTok? While the formal definition of OPP relates to the opposition party, its most common usage, particularly in rap culture, alludes to infidelity.

OPPS meaning in social media

This dual nature of OPP has been further amplified by its morphing on social media platforms, where abbreviated terms and mainstream slang often take on varied meanings altogether. As language evolves, it is imperative to be mindful of the context and the audience’s understanding, lest we use the wrong term and end up with the worst nickname.

Examples of “OPP” Usage on TikTok

The acronym OPP has become increasingly popular on TikTok and similar social media sites, with users often using it creatively and humorously. Here are examples of slang term usage on TikTok and what each means:

  • #OPPChallenge: The OPP Challenge is a popular dance challenge on TikTok that combines the catchy lyrics of the rap song “Opps” by Vince Staples with creative choreography.
  • OPP Pride: This hashtag celebrates individuals proud of their chosen career path, despite naysayers and doubts from those around them.
  • OPP Squad: This hashtag refers to a group of friends that are always supportive and loyal, no matter the situation or challenge.
  • OPP Goals: This hashtag expresses admiration for someone’s success or achievements and can often be seen accompanying a picture of the person in question.
  • #OPPlyfe: This hashtag expresses the joy and freedom of living on your terms.
  • #OPPMovement: This hashtag celebrates taking risks and challenging yourself to reach your goals.
  • OPP Swag: This hashtag expresses confidence and self-acceptance, often accompanied by a picture or video of the person in question.
  • #OPPWeOutHere: This hashtag expresses the idea of overcoming adversity and being resilient in the face of obstacles. 
  • OPP Mentality: This hashtag describes someone with a positive attitude and outlook on life, despite any setbacks or challenges they may be facing.
  • #OPPDontStop: This hashtag encourages people to keep pushing forward and striving for success.

Other Definitions of “OPP” on TikTok

Outside of the mainstream usage of OPP, slang phrases have also been used to represent several other concepts. These include the following:

  • OPP (Other People’s Property): This acronym often refers to objects or possessions owned by others that one may want or desire.
  • OPP (Overpowered Power): This term describes a situation where someone has a potent ability or advantage over their opponents, making it difficult for them to win.
  • OPP (One-Person Party): This term describes a person who loves to have fun even on their own.
  • OPP (Ongoing Professional Practice): This acronym is often used in the professional world to refer to an ongoing practice or activity that requires specialized knowledge or expertise.
  • OPP (On Point Performance): This acronym describes someone who consistently delivers an excellent performance, despite any obstacles he or she may face.
  • OPP (Out of Pocket Purchase): Often used as a warning, this term refers to the decision to purchase something without researching or considering the consequences.
  • OPP (Optimistic Positive Perspective): This term describes someone who always looks on the bright side and maintains a positive attitude despite any challenges they may face.
  • OPP (Organized Professional Plan): This acronym describes a well-structured plan created to achieve a specific goal.
  • OPP (Overly Pleasant Person): This term describes someone who puts forth an excessive effort to be friendly or agreeable, even when it may not be necessary.
  • OPP (Oddly Practiced Pleasure): This term describes activities or hobbies that are strange or out of the ordinary but still bring joy and satisfaction to the person who enjoys them.


The acronym OPP is used in many different ways on TikTok, from representing various concepts to participating in popular dance challenges. No matter how the acronym is used, it’s evident that these common slang terms are a powerful tool for expressing yourself and celebrating life. Whether you’re using this slang expression to express pride for your career path or recognize someone else’s success, there is no denying that OPP brings joy and positivity to the TikTok community. So don’t be afraid to show your appreciation for others or reveal what makes you unique using the hashtag #OPP and join in on the fun! 

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