How to Get Pictures to Fit on TikTok

TikTok has long been the go-to for short video format content among social media platforms. But TikTok is also a platform that enables you to post pictures. It is as easy and intuitive as posting photos on other platforms.

The trick you have to master is how to get these pics to fit perfectly on TikTok. Creating photo content that will be easy on other users’ eyes will surely point towards having more TikTok followers.

You may think that having a pic to fit perfectly on TikTok is only a minor concern but it has a profound effect on how well your photo posts or profile images perform on the platform.

Well-formatted pictures are easy on the eyes and are, therefore, much easier to like. As you might already know, a like on your content is not too far from gaining a new follower. Such is the importance of knowing how to post pictures perfectly on TikTok.

Read through this short, informative read to learn everything there is to know about how to resize image for TikTok profile pictures and posts.

Steps to Create a Good Picture for TikTok

Steps to Create a Good Picture for TikTok

As TikTok enables creators to post not just videos but pictures, you can take advantage of posting pics to freshen up your content. Having a picture post every so often will offer your followers a welcome break from all the videos you post.

Here are two things you should remember that could help you post the pics you will ever post on TikTok:

· Pics posted on TikTok should not be smaller than 20×20 pixels

·  The optimal pixel size for TikTok profile pics is 200×200 pixels

Cropping photo posts on TikTok

Cropping photos on TikTok is as now easier than ever. You will not need another third-party app like an online image resizer. You don’t even need to have technical knowledge of photograph ratios to achieve the perfect size for your social media images on TikTok.

The newest version of TikTok gives you the freedom of an intuitive way to crop and resize pictures you post.

1.  If you have not already done so, install the TikTok app and open it by tapping on the TikTok icon on your phone’s home screen.

2.  On the TikTok app, tap the + (plus icon) at the bottom of the screen.

3.  This brings you to another screen. Tap on ‘Photo’ just above the red record button.

4.  You can take a picture on TikTok or use another photo from your phone’s gallery by tapping on the ‘Upload’ button beside the big, white shutter button.

5.  Choose the photo you wish to post and tap on it.

6.  Tap and drag the pic you are to upload with two fingers to adjust to the ideal cropping, image size, and orientation you want to achieve.

7.  Add text, effects, a photo filter, and sounds if you wish to.

8.  Tap on the big check mark at the bottom of the screen, and you will have uploaded a TikTok photo post.

Why the Need to Resize a Picture for TikTok?

Picture uploads on every platform need to meet certain specifications to maximize their usage and viewability. TikTok is an app that people almost exclusively use on their mobile devices. So pic posts should be resized to fit the way people view them on TikTok.

Not resizing or formatting pics to TikTok’s liking will result in visually off pictures, to say the least. If you are obtaining a picture from a source besides your mobile devices or TikTok, you must confirm that picture specs with what TikTok requires.

People consume pics differently in this social media age. What used to be the standard of presenting and viewing pictures in the landscape orientation has been turned on its head.

The masses on TikTok and other popular social media platforms want photo content in portrait orientation just because they use their phones upright. This may not be ideal, but we are forced to view this as the norm.

This is the main reason why we have to resize photos for TikTok. Other seasons, like resolution, file size, and image dimensions, sizes, or ratios, are just a matter of technicalities.

Ways to Resize a Picture for TikTok

1. Other Apps – There are more than a few reliable ways we can resize profile pictures or photo posts for TikTok. There are online tool apps, Adobe Photoshop, and other similar software for PC and mobile.

These photo editing tools take your image files lifted from outside TikTok and fix them to TikTok’s preferred specifications. You can change your digital images’ image quality and maximum file size to match the best way you can post pics to TikTok.

2. TikTok itself – TikTok lets you resize any pic you wish to upload as a post or a profile photo. You can play around with your photo’s image dimensions before you upload them. As long as you have the image files you wish to edit on your phone, you can do whatever you please with resizing.

Apps You Can Use to Resize a Picture for TikTok

A website and app that resize images for TikTok for free:

Website: – This simple online tool is very simple to use. Just select the image you wish to edit and resize them according to your needs. There is also a very wide range of specifications that will match other social media platforms. 

App: Photo and Picture Resizer – This phone app can be downloaded thru the Google Play Store or the App Store. With just a simple upload of the pic you want to resize, this app will give you a lot of options for multiple applications like passports, marketing ads, TikTok, and other social platforms.

To Conclude

Learning how to resize images for TikTok profile may seem like a modest endeavor. But the effect of having a well-sized picture always speaks volumes and encourages more growth regarding your goals on TikTok. Take these tricks you have read here to always have impressive profile photos and great photo posts on TikTok.

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