How to Get Front Flash on TikTok?

Are you about to record a new video on TikTok? The difference between a good video and a bad one could be in the lighting. If your video has poor lighting, your viewers will likely lose interest in your content quickly. This is not helpful, especially if you want to grow your followership on TikTok.

TikTok is one of the best platforms to grow your followership.  It is arguably one platform that can help you attain influencer status with the right strategy in a short period. TikTok does this by allowing you to create video content on any subject that interests you and your audience.

Also, the combination of filters and effects on TikTok helps you create videos in different forms that are bound to engage your viewers. However, if you are familiar with video making, you will also know that using filters to make up for poor lighting is not always the best option.

These pre-set filters’ color saturation and brightness may not give you the video quality you want. You should create a high-quality and bright video first before you start editing and applying filters to your TikTok videos. That is why you need a flash feature.

What is the Front Flash on TikTok?

When making a video through the front camera on your phone, you can tap the ‘Thunder bolt’ icon on your screen. This flashlight icon represents the front flashlight feature. It instantly turns on the light and brightens your video. This is a necessary feature if you have to record a video at night or in a poorly lit room.

Unfortunately, the camera app on TikTok does not have a front flashlight feature. This lack of a built-in flash means you cannot make your videos in the dark or in a poorly lit room. In addition, your skin tone might look a bit off in such videos, making for a bad viewing experience.

Since most TikTok videos are made with a front-facing camera, the absence of a front TikTok flash on TikTok can be inconvenient. One alternative to recording bright videos on TikTok is to keep sliding right, looking for the best filter for your video content.

However, in this article, you will learn another alternative that is much simpler and gives you better lighting using just your mobile device. If you follow these tips, you don’t have to worry about being in a dimly lit environment before you can record your video. Let’s dive in and see how to get front flash on TikTok in 5 steps.

How to Do the Front Flash on TikTok on an iPhone

how to get front flash on tiktok

As you have seen in this article, TikTok does not come with an in-built front flash feature. But, your iPhone has a setting that you can adjust to make videos with the same result as a flash feature. You can learn how to do front flash on TikTok by following these steps:

Step #1: On your phone’s home screen, find the “Settings Control Center” on your iPhone. Tap the icon.

Step #2: Your settings menu will display. Click on the “Accessibility” option. There will be another display on your screen; tap on the “Display and Text Size” option.

Step #3: Down the “Display and Text size” option, you will find the “Classic Invert” option. Turn it on.

Step #4: Head on to TikTok and begin to make a video. The color might look odd to you, but that’s what you need to get that bright video you want.

Step #5: Once you are done making your video on TikTok, go back to your settings and turn the “Classic Invert” off.

After you have turned it off, go to TikTok to watch your recorded video. You will see that the video is lit better.

How to Do the Front Flash on TikTok on an Android Phone

Do you use an Android phone for your TikTok video recordings? You can also get the front flash on TikTok using your Android device. Let’s see how to do this:

Step #1: Click on the gear icon that will take you to your “Settings Control Center.”

Step #2: On the Settings menu, find the “Color Invert” option or type in “Color Invert” in your Settings search bar.

Step #3: Tap on the “Color Invert” option when it displays to turn it on.

Step #4: Go to TikTok and record your video.

Step #5: Go back to your Settings after recording your video and disable “Color Invert.” Watch your video on TikTok; it will be brighter.

What Does Front Flashing Warning Mean on TikTok

Ever watched a video that had effects that made you squint your eyes to shut out the bright light? Well, that is called photosensitivity. For some individuals, videos with such effects as some kinds of visual patterns or flashing lights can trigger photosensitive reactions in them. These reactions can be anything from mild to severe. To prevent such occurrences, TikTok has taken steps to prevent this.

If a video contains flashing lights or has some of those visual patterns, TikTok sends you a flash warning. This warning informs you that the video you are about to watch contains light flashes that could trigger seizures for people with visual sensitivities. TikTok further instructs that if you skip the video, it will remove all photosensitive videos. This serves as a way to guard you against encountering similar videos in the future while using TikTok.

Final Thoughts

It is important you know that you have to turn on your phone’s brightness to the highest after turning on either the “Classic Invert” or “Color Invert” on your iPhone and Android device, respectively. After recording your videos, these buttons will make objects closer to the camera appear brighter. Thus, this achieves the same results as a screen flash. Now, you can record your videos on TikTok with your phone’s front-facing camera. 

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