How to Choose an Influencer on TikTok

Did you know that TikTok has the second-highest numbers in consumer spend globally? This platform is the perfect promotional opportunity for brands, companies, individuals because of its fun nature, diverse audience, and constant growth. Influencers are an essential part of the marketing process, especially on a network such as this one. If you want to market your services and products but don’t know how to choose an influencer on TikTok, this guide should be next on your reading list. 

We’ll get more into detail about how campaigns with influencers work, why they are so helpful in building a successful brand and generating sales, how to work with them, and tips to help you pick the perfect person for the job. 

How Do TikTok Influencer Campaigns Work?

TikTok influencers marketing campaigns are an excellent way to promote your business. However, if this is your first time thinking of working with influencers and you need help finding one, you first need to understand how TikTok influencer marketing campaigns work.

When a company needs to reach an audience and generate sales, it is recommended to get in touch with TikTok influencers. These are creators that make promotional content for various brands. It can be almost any niche you can think of, including fashion, sports, etc.

Once a brand has an eye on an influencer, they get in touch either via email addresses or directly on the platform, asking them if they’re interested in a paid collaboration. The brand can compensate the influencer with money, services, products, depending on the contract. Once both sides are happy with the contract, the influencer will start working on content that promotes the brand. They share videos that their hundreds, thousands, or millions of followers will see.

When the campaign is out, users will see their favorite, trustworthy influencer on TikTok promoting an excellent product, so a lot of them will decide to buy. It’s a win-win situation for the brand and influencer because both sides benefit from the deal.

Reasons You Should Take Advantage Of TikTok Influencer Marketing

Putting in a lot of work to promote your brand is essential for TikTok growth. Influencer marketing ads are a common tool many brands use to reach audiences and generate sales. Here are the top reasons why you should take advantage of this type of marketing on TikTok:

People Love Social Media Influencers

It’s no secret that people love and are obsessed with influencers. The younger audiences look up to them, while the older ones love learning new things and getting inspired. Influencers aren’t just people who take photos and videos of themselves. They use creative ways to promote content and convince people to buy what they’re advertising. 

You Can’t Do Everything Yourself

Actually, you can, but will it be successful? People love seeing fresh faces or familiar faces they trust affiliated with a brand. Most brands, even when they have several employees, can’t do everything themselves. Constantly promoting your brand will get boring at one point, so users will want to see something fresh and new.

It Works Wonders With Younger Audiences

The Gen Z audience isn’t really interested in traditional marketing, and the best way to reach them is through TikTok. Although this platform was initially all about youngsters, the age group of users is slowly increasing and expanding. In other words, through this app, you can reach younger audiences but also a slightly older target group.

How To Work With TikTok Influencers: Things To Consider When Working With TikTok Influencers

When researching influencer marketing opportunities, you should know what to do when you find the right candidate. These are the things you need to consider and understand when working with influencers on this platform:

Is Bigger Better?

Is choosing an influencer with millions of followers better than micro-influencers? That’s not quite the case! Yes, huge influencers can have an incredible impact on your brand, but should you spend vast amounts of money on a person just because they have many followers? If you’re a big brand with unlimited resources, you can get in touch with top influencers. They’re the ones that usually collaborate on big projects and aren’t in the price range of smaller companies.

Mid-range influencers, when appropriately chosen, will also have a positive impact on your sales and numbers. These ones are usually less expensive compared to the previous type and, in general, show amazing engagement rates.

The best thing about a micro-influencer is that they have a small audience but a faithful one. In other words, their followers follow them because they trust their recommendations, so the chances are they’ll also decide to purchase your product. TikTok monetization comes in several forms and is an excellent way for many small influencers to earn because many brands at the moment decide to choose smaller creators to do their promotion.

If this is your first time figuring out an influencer marketing strategy on TikTok, you should start small. You’re not only giving other people the opportunity to grow, but you’ll also notice a rapid boost in your numbers. If all works well, you can continue supporting small influencers but also start collaborating with mid-range and big influencers.  

Don’t Limit Them Too Much

If you choose an influencer for your brand, the next step is for them to create promotional content. You might have a clear vision of what you expect and want, but still, you need to give them the chance to do their own thing. If you limit them too much, some influencers might even decide not to work with you at all. Instead, you can share your ideas to give them a direction, and they can draw inspiration from there.

Set The Terms

Setting clear terms and rules is so essential. You and your new collaborator have to set rules for the job and have them written in a contract. That’s how both sides will be secure and covered. For example, you should discuss the payment (products, services, money), talk about how much content and type of content they’ll film, the due date, and much more.

10 Tips To Help You Pick The Right Influencer For Your Brand

How to choose an influencer on TikTok when so many popular creators can become a part of your social media marketing strategy? Here are 10 useful tips to follow:

1. Determine Your Niche

You shouldn’t look at potential influencers that usually promote fitness if your brand is all about fashion. This doesn’t mean that the two can’t work together, but it’s much better for your business to find creators in the same field. Influencers in your niche will drive more traffic, engagement, and sales to your profile because their followers are interested in the product or service you’re selling.

2. Determine Your Target Audience

Next, know the audience that you want to target. Although you can always expand that audience and target other groups as well, it’s still crucial to figure out which genders, age groups, locations most of your followers belong to. Knowing more about the spending powers will help you create successful influencer marketing campaigns. So, focus on learning everything about your audience, and you can use your knowledge to get to them and sell more. Working with a TikTok creator that has several successful campaigns with similar target audiences means that yours will probably do well too. If you need inspiration about influencers in the same niche and similar audiences, you can scroll through the TikTok profiles of your competitors.

3. Follow The Metrics

Metrics are crucial when you need to find influencers to collaborate with on this platform. Engagement is a word you’ll see everywhere when doing your research. It’s used to describe the number of likes, comments, shares on a video, or other content types on social media. You should see the rates of the influencers you’re interested in to see how their content performs. To do so, you should add the number of shares, likes, and comments, then divide that number by the number of views.

4. Quick Google Search

Is there anything that Google can’t answer? This might sound old-fashioned and too simple, but a quick Google search can reveal a lot about the best influencers in your niche, the work they’ve done, etc. For example, just type in ‘TikTok influencers in x niche’ or ‘best TikTok influencers in x location.’ Go through the search results, and you’ll get a list of possible candidates.

5. Work With Professionals

If you can’t do everything yourself, find professionals to help you out. If your main goal is TikTok growth and for your business to generate sales, you should consider a professional service that will help you gain followers, increase your view count, determine your target audience, and find great influencers to work with.

6. Search On TikTok

One of the best places to find influencers is TikTok. Just turn to the main source to choose suitable influencers that will fit your audience, niche and will show excellent numbers. Open the Discover section, type keywords related to your business, and you’ll see popular accounts pop up, many of which will be influencers.

7. Follower Count Isn’t As Important

Although the number of followers of influencers matters, it shouldn’t be your top determining criteria. The metrics that we mentioned above, such as engagement and reach, should be on top of your list. A huge follower count doesn’t mean that the TikTok user has excellent engagement, many views, etc. TikTok is great at promoting and giving micro-influencers a platform, so you should be open-minded as well and don’t get fixated on the follower count.

8. Views Matter

Getting more views on a campaign video means that many people will get familiar with your product! When your potential influencer posts a video, you should check the number of views it has. The person might have a high follower count but not many views. That’s a sign that you should look at other influencers as well. If an influencer’s videos have a high view count, those videos reached many people, which is a good sign for a collaboration.

9. Don’t Compare Platforms

Not every TikTok influencer is active on other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. So, in some cases, when you check TikTok users that you love on Instagram, you’ll see that they don’t have as many followers and aren’t as active. That’s why checking other platforms won’t always give you a clear picture of who you’ll be working with.

10. Look At Their Work History

Check the influencer’s profile to learn more about their work history. For example, do they have previous experience working on paid campaigns? If they do, how many views, likes, comments, and shares did the video get? If you like what you see regarding numbers, you can also check if the influencer is associated at that moment with any of your competitors. If that’s not the case, recheck their marketing content to make sure you love what they do, and it will fit your brand.


How to choose an influencer on TikTok that will best promote your business? In the sea of influencers finding one is much more complicated than it sounds. If this is your first marketing campaign, you’re probably confused about what matters and what doesn’t. Thankfully our list of tips will help you make the right choice.

If you want to make sure you pick the most suitable person, you should first determine your audience and your niche. Find influencers that fit your criteria in both categories, then take a look at their metrics, especially engagement. You can also search for influencers on Google, TikTok, but try not to compare their numbers on different platforms. Next, don’t get fixated on followers; instead, look at their views and work history. If you can’t go through the process yourself, find a professional service to help you out.

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