TikTok has more than 1.5 billion users, and it was the most downloaded app in 2021 according to Forbes.

Due to its popularity, more brands including famous ones like Coca-Cola, NBA, Starbucks, FIFA, and Guinness World Records are using TikTok influencer marketing as a promotional strategy. This also means that the demand for influencers on the platform is also growing.

Moreover, TikTok has multiple ways influencers can use to earn money. For instance, as a TikTok influencer, you can earn money by posting sponsored content, selling your own merchandise, and earning virtual currency from your TikTok followers.

So, for people thinking of becoming TikTok influencers, there isn’t a better time than now to get started.

The good news is that if you’re stuck on how to become TikTok influencer , or you’re wondering how much does a TikTok influencer make?. We have all the answers you need.

Read on and learn how you can take your TikTok growth to the next level.

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How Many Followers Do You Need to Get Paid on TikTok?

You don’t need to have millions of TikTok followers to earn on the platform. Depending on the monetization tool you’ll be using, it’s possible to earn money on TikTok with just 1000 followers.

The most popular influencers on the platform earn money through partnerships with brands.

If you have a trusted community of followers, you can reach out to a brand and promote their products in exchange for money.  Some brands will also reach out to you, especially if you have a huge number of followers.

To earn money through influencer partnerships, you’ll create sponsored video ads that you’ll use to promote the brand’s products or services. You can include part of the ad on your videos, or create full sponsored videos of the product or service.

Additionally, TikTok has several monetization tools that you can choose from depending on the number of your followers and engagement rates, as explained below.

  • A creator fund – The creator fund was started by TikTok to give monetary rewards to influencers and creators on the app. To earn money through the creator fund, you must be 18 years or older. You must also be based in the UK, US, Spain, Italy, or Germany. You should also have 10,000 followers and your video views in the last 30 days should be at least 100,000. The content you create must also adhere to TikTok’s community guidelines
  • Virtual gifts on live videos – This feature allows users to receive virtual gifts during a live video. An influencer can then convert the gifts to real money. For a creator to host a live stream, they must be 16 years and above and have at least 1,000 followers. To send or receive gifts, the TikToker and the viewer must be 18 years and above. The giver also needs to purchase virtual coins on the app. Once the creator gets the virtual gifts, TikTok will convert them to diamonds. These diamonds can then be exchanged for real money by the creator.
  • Tips – This tool allows TikTokers to get tips from their followers. For content creators to access the tipping feature, they must be 18 years and older. They must also have more than 100,000 followers and at least 1,000 video views. The TikTok creator should also have posted three videos in the last 30 days. The tip payments are processed through Stripe. So if you want to receive your tips, you must open an account with the app.
  • Virtual gifts on other videos – This feature allows a creator to collect virtual gifts on other videos apart from a live broadcast. Video gifts require the creator to have at least 100,000 followers and also be 18 years and above.

How Much Do TikTokers Make?

TikTok content creators earn money based on the number of followers, number of views per video, and the social engagement rate for every video. Earnings on the platform also vary based on the monetization tool used by the influencer.

However, the most popular means of earning money on TikTok for influencers is through sponsored videos. The rate for sponsored videos varies depending on the creator’s follower count, type of promotion, and the rate of audience engagement after the ad. Most TikTokers’ rate per sponsored video often ranges between $500 and $20,000.

Tips for Growing Your TikTok Account

If you’re new to TikTok, it’s possible to grow your account to an influencer level.

Here are tips that you can use to help your account get noticed by other TikTok users.

Learn How the TikTok Algorithm Works

The first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with TikTok and learn how its algorithm works.

Unlike other social channels that recommend content to followers based on factors such as who they follow and their location, TikTok uses users’ interests to recommend videos.  This means that a video that generates high user engagement will be shared with a huge number of followers.  

Thus, if you want to grow your account on the platform, you must come up with fresh and interesting videos that will keep your followers glued to the end.

Create Unique Videos

Your followers are looking for video content that is different from what they’re used to. So, get your creative juices flowing and come up with something that stands out from the crowd.

A great way to come up with unique ideas is to research the type of content your audience is watching. For instance, you can use feedback from the comments section or ask for views from family and friends to help you come up with unique ideas for your videos.

Another tip is to find a specific niche and come up with videos that are unique for this niche. Be as specific as possible when choosing your niche. For instance, being a fashion influencer is a very broad niche. You can narrow this niche to creating videos on kids’ outfits that are sourced from second-hand stores. You can be sure that there will be a specific audience that is interested in this niche.

You can also check TikTok’s viral videos to get an idea of what will appeal to your target audience.

Use a Growth Service

Let’s face it, it’s difficult to grow your TikTok follower count manually, especially if you’re new to the platform.

The good news is that with a growth service, you can get massive TikTok followers in no time.

TikTok growth services such as Growtok use a team of dedicated TikTok marketers and automated tools to grow your account. The service will also increase your engagement rates and improve your credibility on the app.

A TikTok growth service can also help you as an influencer by creating unique videos that will get the attention of your target audience.

When choosing a TikTok growth service, go for one that has the experience and positive reviews, so you can get value for your money.


TikTok videos are short, which makes it easy to come up with multiple of them in a short time.

Being consistent on TikTok helps keep your audience interested. Consistency also increases the possibility of your videos being seen by a new audience.  

Create a schedule that will allow you to have a designated time to upload your videos. You should also surprise your audience once in a while with content that is a bit different from your usual videos. For instance, if you often post sponsored content, break the monotony by sharing something that relates to your daily life, such as a recent trip you enjoyed with your family.

Don’t Ignore Trends and Hashtags

Trends on TikTok increase your reach.  So, don’t ignore them.

However, it’s important to keep up with trends on the platform, as they quickly come and go.

The good thing about TikTok trend videos is that they’re easy to adapt. Ensure that the content is relatable to the trend when making your video. Add a unique or funny twist to the video to encourage your followers to engage with it.

If you’re not too keen on jumping on trends, you can use trending songs or hashtags in your videos.

Hashtags can help increase your followers’ count and also improve engagement rates. Most hashtags on the platform are based on trending and funny videos, challenges, and topics.

Check the Comments Section

Unlike other social apps, the TikTok comment section is the best part of the app. Most users will go to the comments section after watching a video just to see what others have to say about it.

As a creator, the comments section can give you valuable feedback about your video. You also get insights on the type of video content your followers would like to see. Besides, TikTok allows you to reply to a comment with a video, which is a great way to interact with your followers.

Promote Your Content on Other Social Apps

Promoting your videos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms helps you grow your audience.

Share the link to your TikTok account on your website or blog, and also upload your videos to YouTube. You can also request your followers to share your content on other social networks.

Many influencers also cross-promote their content, which helps drive traffic to their TikTok account.

5 Highest Earning TikTokers

Most TikTok users are teens aged between 16 and 24 years.

Besides, 57% of the users are female while 43% are male. So, it makes sense that some of the highest earners on the app are teenagers.

According to a 2021 Forbes list of TikTok top earners, below are the five biggest stars on the platform.

1.      Charli D’Amelio

Follower count – 133.2 million

Estimated earnings – $17.5 million

Age – 17

This young American star joined TikTok in May 2019. She rose to fame thanks to her captivating dance videos. The young teen who is also known as the queen of TikTok started as a competitive dancer but has gone on to partner with several sponsors including Dunkin’ Donuts, Invisalign, Hollister, and Morphe Cosmetics.

Charli also has her own Hulu show known as the D’Amelio Show which showcases the daily life of the young teen and her sister Dixie.

2.      Dixie D’Amelio

Follower count – 56.8 million

Estimated earnings – $10 million

Age – 20

Dixie is Charlie’s elder sister, and the duo often appears in each other’s videos. Dixie has also made a name for herself thanks to TikTok. The budding pop singer has partnered with brands such as Puma, Valentino, and Hollister.

The famous teen recently released her first single Be Happy which premiered in July 2020. The pop singer has also shared the stage with Jonas Brothers and Ed Sheeran.

3.      Addison Rae

Follower count – 86.1 million

Estimated earnings – $8.5 million

Age – 21

Another star who rose to fame due to her lip-syncing and dancing videos is Addison Rae.
Her fame on the social media app has earned her a role in Netflix’s film He’s All That. She also has her own cosmetic line and has in the past partnered with the famous clothing and accessories retailer, American Eagle.

4.      Bella Poarch

Follower count – 87.3 million

Estimated earnings – $5 million

Age – 24

Bella became popular on TikTok due to her 2020 viral lip-synching video of the song M to the B. Thanks to being famous on TikTok, Bella has partnered with companies such as Tinder, Prada, and Google.

The young social media star who was a helicopter mechanic in the US Navy is also a singer. She released her first single in May 2021 which went on to become no. 56 on the Billboard’s pop chart.

5.      Josh Richards

Follower count – 25.6 million

Estimated earnings – $5 million

Age – 19

Josh Richards may be the only man on this list but he has dreams of becoming the first influencer billionaire. The Canadian teen often posts dance and lip-synch videos on the app.

Josh who joined TikTok in 2017 has also co-founded Ani Energy, an energy drink brand, and Animal Capital, a venture capital firm. The young star is a co-host on the BFFs show and has appeared in the movie Under the Stadium Lights.


TikTok is one of the most popular social channels. This popularity has attracted many brands that want to promote their products on the app. The result is that there is an increased demand for TikTok influencers.

If you have been thinking of becoming a TikTok influencer, it’s time you got started. All you need to do is create a TikTok account and use the tips provided in this article to grow your account.

Remember, you won’t become an influencer overnight. So, don’t give up and with time your efforts will bear fruits.

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